Welcome Hackers!

We are making a survival / crafting pet-collection game, like "minecraft pokemon".

It will be a survival crafting game in a dystopian world called The Mainframe. Pets called "NikNak"s were banned by the PL80 organization and you were banished from civilization. With the support of the FOSS organization, you advanced into the city to eventually defeat PL80 using your upgraded NikNaks. Every night, bots descend onto the Mainframe, and you need to protect yourself by building bases and upgrading your NikNaks. It'll be a somewhat pulpy but entertaining mix.

Join our Discord for fun & playtesting! Also subscribe to our Youtube channel if you want to follow our progress xD

Signed, Cat & Zack

Rate-A-NikNak is live! You can play by clicking on the Rate button below xD

Our Current Focus

The game will be released as soon as possible (even if more crunchy) as a free web game. From there, we will iterate and improve our game loop so that it is maximally fun.